Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Two of the best!

Two of the best brands in the industry side by side and lucky for us they both support L&M Racing.

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Just another classic, from a classic meeting. Some of the classic race bikes were outstanding and here's just a great example!

Picture copyright Mathew Dakin.

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Monday, 23 August 2010

Honda NR750

This picture was published by Honda to show the the engine internals of one of the finest production bikes ever made, it defo has a place in my top ten!!

Picture (Honda motor corp)


Kawasaki Z

I snapped this fantastic Z at Donington last weekend at the first motorcycle race back at Donington since the closure, it was great to see Donington up and running again not only from a racers point of view but from a fans as well.

Pictures copyright Mathew Dakin

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Friday, 20 August 2010


No one would have put money on this guy being up front at the start of the season.
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"It fits your lifestyle" or if it doesn't it soon WILL....... RACEWORZX It's a lifestyle
Coming Soon!


This picture was for a advertisement produced by Honda, and what a advertisement it was.
The mighty RC211V.

Mat #72

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My great grandfather "POP" was a factory Rudge rider back in the day and I'd only ever seen the bikes he rode in old pictures until i stumbled upon this amazing machine at Donington last week. This is just like the one he rode. I really hope I've inherited some of his speed somewhere because he was a champion! and i haven't managed that yet, but there's still time.......

Mat. #72

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

It's a lifestyle......!

Just a taste of things to come from L&M Racing and raceworxz....
It's some times easier to explain with pictures than words!

All images/logos copyright L&M Racing
Raceworxz brand L&M Racing

Monday, 9 August 2010


Here's a new logo i've designed for RCD, luckily they liked it and its made it on to their latest T-Shirt.

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Build from Ti wrapped in carbon, what a mixture! two of the greatest materials to hit the industry in one beautiful component.

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Qik Live!

I will be streaming video's of our racing activities throughout the remainder of the season using Qik video i've pasted some info about Qik below to give everybody a overview.http://qik.com/matdakin-lmracing


Product Highlights:

Qik's focus is on developing the perfect mobile video platform, providing the highest quality live video experience across all mobile devices and networks. Qik’s services are built on top of a patent-pending platform and we are in constant pursuit of innovation. Qik’s goal are to be:


In order to offer a truly live video experience, we tag the video stream at every path it takes, from the instant a person clicks the record button to the moment the full video appears on the web. The entire path is then analyzed, weighed against various parameters and optimized to ensure speed of delivery. This has led to us achieving latency as low as half a second to three seconds for our live video streams.

Best Possible Quality:

Our developers are obsessed with quality. We are developing the best possible video quality from mobile devices using several techniques for which we have filed patents (#60/989,711). These techniques concern examining and assigning importance to the resources available on the device and network, making multiple passes at the stream to ensure good quality. This is focused not only on the live stream, but also on progressively improving quality for viewers who start viewing mid-stream and for playback after the stream is completed.

Most Reliable:

We understand that every moment is important and being able to capture that reliably is of paramount importance to our users. So, whether your phone battery dies mid-stream or you are in a place where there is no network—Qik has you covered. We have innovated on multiple techniques to enable this capability and reliability, and we have filed patents for them (#61/082,457).

Simple and Secure:

From getting started with Qik to streaming, sharing and interacting with viewers, we keep analyzing each step so that every action is quick and simple, yet ensures the security and privacy of the user. We have filed patents for the techniques we have pioneered in this area (#60/989,716)

Friday, 6 August 2010


Check out this exquisit front brake arrangement on this Aprilia RSW125 GP bike.

Picture copyright Mathew Dakin.
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Two fantastic motorcycle brands side by side on a proper race bike. Brembo/Dymag.

Picture copyright Mathew Dakin
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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mr Bono with the foot jam!

Bono pulling a mighty foot jam while out riding at one of the fields most favoured street spots, the legendary BOWL.
copyright Mat Dakin 2010

New Design.

This is the start of a new design I'm working on for some new team T-shirts that may go on sale through our website L-MRACING.COM it doesn't look much yet but watch this space!

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copyright Mat Dakin 2010

Final Evolution.

Copyright Mat Dakin 2010

This is the last in the line of the mighty RSW Aprilia's, i snapped this shot in 08 but these fantastic race machines really didn't have any development right to the end or their time at world level. I was lucky enough to speak to a couple of Aprilia race mechanics recently and spoke extensively about the 250 project and when i asked where are all the Aprilia 250's now, they replied "sleeping in Aprillia" they speak with so much passion and i think this is what the 125-250's bring and this is what racing's big wigs are pushing away, the passion. I understand the finance situation but this is racing and to race you need passion and motorcycles that promote this need to be in racing.

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Really had to share this photo of my good friend Bono nailing a flatty at the local plaza. I've got more photo's from riding that day and i'll share them soon.......

Copyright Mat Dakin 2010

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Racing Engine?

What makes an engine a racing engine? For me its the purpose and intension! Is it built to go racing or is it built for riding down the street.

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The Change!

From Yoshi to Aka..... Did it really make a difference, only they will know?

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