Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ti Peg Stands

I just want to say a big thank you Mark Toon @ Race Component Development for fabricating these fantastic Ti Peg Stands for the team.

The stands are for sale and are available through and will fit most models of machine.


The price of progression and stupidity!!

A brief summary of the last round of the 2010 season......It went like this........

Traveled down to Silverstone form the field, narrowly avoiding a large crash on the mega busy M1. Arrived at the track to find loads of space in the massive Silverstone garages, if every track could have the same facilities!

Once unloaded me and Mark started to prep bike, just final checks and filling of fluids removing links from chains ect...

Then it was time to get off to my folk’s motorhome and grab some food. My folks kindly come to every meeting to support us, massive thanks to them for all their help on and off track.

Back in to the garage for final checks on bike and draw up a little bit of a plan for Saturday’s practice, qualifying and race.

With that all done it was time for us to retire for the night and get some shut eye.

Up at 6:30 to start getting things ready for the day, we were greeted by gray rain filled skis as usual, but as the sun came up it eased. Usual tasks needed doing, like bleeding water system checking tyre pressures, mixing and working out fuel. We dropped the warmers on both wets and slicks in the hope the track would dry for practice but it was a bit optimistic to say the least.

Nine o'clock soon came and so did practice the track was still mega wet and we were thankful for that, there's nothing worse than part wet part dry track.

Practice panned out quite well, the track felt like it had got plenty of grip and the bike wasn't a million miles off either, we finished up 14th.

Qualifying conditions were marginally better but the track was still nice and wet. The session was timed and lasted 20mins. Right from the off set the bike felt good and this encouraged me to press on and slowly build the pace lap by lap. Also as the laps passed the track started to dry as the track dried the pace of all the riders grew including me and with this the bike started to warm up as i noticed that the temp of the engine had risen above normal operating temp the bike lost a little power as this happened i thought just get it back. I only had the back straight and two corners to complete and i was home and dry, just as that thought went through my head the engine seized and threw me off.

Luckily I was okay and the bike only suffered cosmetic damage, the internal damage was a little more severe.

It was a classic seizure! Ring, piston and barrel all wrecked.
Unfortunately this was the end of our meeting. We ended up qualified 12th which is great progress.

I'm not disappointed. All I am, is looking forward to next year.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the people and sponsors who have helped over the year and the years passed. "THANK YOU"

Valencia 06

Could Carlos Checa repeat the amazing form of Troy Bayliss at the last GP of 2006.
"I really hope so"


Monday, 4 October 2010


Is this the team thats gonna be the first Moto2 world champs? We think so and so do many others, what a team what a rider!

Posted via phone.