Monday, 20 September 2010

Oulton Park Summary 18/09/10

To say I expected more is an under statement! You always expect more from yourself every time you race but looking at it logically I really shouldn't this was only my sixth time out on the bike, but excuses aside my results from Oulton were mega disappointing. The last time i had results like this it was nine years ago and it was my first year of racing. I admit i don't feel very comfortable on the bike and it is totally different to anything i have ridden in the past due to most of my racing experience being on production four strokes but if you can ride a bike then you can ride a bike if you know what i mean. Even after just six outings I'd be expecting so much more from myself, i don't enjoy just riding round not having fun, because having fun on motorbikes is what it's all about and i haven't forgot that. I think for the first time in my short but fun racing career i really let the great people who spend their precious time helping, DOWN! And this, i don't enjoy at all. I've had some stinking races over the years but this goes number one, it was as if I'd forgot all i had learnt, and the little i could remember i didn't apply or i just didn't apply myself. There's a few things that could be the cause of my appalling results and inconsistent riding.

1.I've lost my bottle. 2.No testing/ Practice. 3.The bike is set up very badly (Really doubt it). 4.Confidence is blown to peices.

Which ever it is I need so sort it pronto! Because, and don't hold me to this but i would rather pack up than run round at the back!

Don't for one minuite think I'm talking about myself like I'm anything special or like Iv'e had any ground braking results. I'm just a normal bloke that has spent most of his life racing bikes to some degree of sucsess and gets really disappointed when he realises he's just not hitting the mark and performing anything like he can.

I'm going to take some advice from a certain Mr Rascal and "FIX UP LOOK SHARP" learn how to ride a proper two stroke GP bike and rediscover what it's like to ride a bike at racing speed or just speed for that matter.

With all that said watch this space...... I really hope the next time i write about racing motorcycles it will be in a more positive light.


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